Mail Engine + OTOs

This full-fledged autoresponder system is built right inside WordPress for the convenience of your customers. Anyone can install it and get started with it in less than 5 minutes. MailEngine gives your customers every feature that they value and use right inside their favorite autoresponder for which they are paying monthly.


MailEngine – $47

  • Create forms and sign up people to your list from any location.
  • Import CSV files and bring in your subscribers from your existing autoresponders.
  • Process one mail-job with multiple emails out methods for the lowest cost and best delivery.
  • Mail using any method including PHP-mail (Server), SMTP or even GSuite and Gmail Accounts.
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  • Powerful mail marketing training that shows you how to legitimately mail market using GMail infrastructure.
  • Divide one email blast over multiple SMTPs and sending methods.
  • Full control over your list. Manage, update or delete at will.
  • 100% GDPR compatible with unsubscription inbuilt.

WP MailEngine Pro – $47

  • With this powerful upgrade, your customers get these pro-level features.
  • Support for unlimited mailing lists.
  • Rights to install on unlimited locations.
  • Supports for lists of any size.
  • Support for Unlimited SMTPs.
  • Support for Unlimited forms
  • Powerful Email-Marketing training
  • Commercial license with rights to Sell EMail Marketing as a service.
  • Ready-made sales page to recruit email marketing customers.
  • 2 years of the free upgrade

WP Mail Engine Agency – $67

  • Mailengine is a full-fledged autoresponder system which is built right inside.
  • Sign up visitors, import lists, send emails, distribute emails all at one go.

List Janitor Pro – $47

  • Your customers need to clean their lists to make sure they inbox properly. This powerful desktop-based list cleaning and management tool will make it very easy to maintain any list.

Leads2List Pro – $47

  • Leads2list captures leads from Facebook as per the niche you have set in. These leads are sought in a perfectly legit manner and rest assured the process is 100% GDPR complaint. Once the leads have been harvested Leads2list then feeds them straight into your autoresponder.

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    April 30, 2019

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