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Social Studio is a suite of ten app’s packaged together in one cloud hosted location that will empower your customers social media campaigns. It will help with engagement to their social media campaigns. It connects with four different platforms and helps with managing your social campaigns. The system has been fully tested through out 2018 with beta users plus we have been using this in our own social media marketing with fantastic results. We will be adding a case study for launch plus a full training course on social media.


Social Studio – $27

  • Rich Post Editor
  • Social Scheduling Tool
  • Dynamic Calendar
  • Content Hub
  • Design Editor
  • Engaging Posts
  • Multi Projects
  • Inbox App
  • Analytics
  • Chrome App

OTO1 – Social Studio Pro Post Editor – $27

  • Auto Hashtag : This will scan your post then add in the most relevant hashtags to use. This way you then know you are using the perfect hashtag’s for your post.
  • Hashtag Suggestions : This scans your post and suggests the hashtags this will even give you the stats of the hashtags so you can see what exposure you are likely to receive per hour.
  • Auto Emoji : This will automatically add in the best emoji’s for your post no search just let the software do the work for you. Make your posts stand out and make those viewers engage.
  • Emoji Suggestions : The software will scan your post and suggest the best emoji’s to work with your post. No looking no searching just choose from which ones the software suggests.
  • Hashtag Stats : See what the traffic is for the hahstag you want to add. See the impressions and engagement it is getting. This will help you see what exposure you are likely to get.
  • Trending Hashtags : In the trending hashtags section, you will find hashtags that are hot right now and doing millions of view. Search for the ones most relevant to your niche and add.

OTO2 – Social Studio Agency – $47

  • Do Social Media Management For Clients
  • Post Curated Content For Your Clients
  • Create Social Media Graphics For Clients
  • Build Engagement On Your Clients Social Media
  • Set Up A Social Video Campaign
  • Your very own website for your new social media agency. This is designed by our in house team and will help you get your social media agency off the ground.
  • A checklist of the services that you can offer when building your own social media agency. Prices to charge, services and more.
  • A full banner and graphics set that you can use. You get the PSD’s with this so you edit and rebrand in your own company name.

OTO2 – Spy Track Agency – $67

  • Spytrack is our new tool hosted in the cloud for online entrepreneurs who need up to the minute data to start dominating the social media space, propelling any social media campaign to the top of the tree in real time.
  • Think of this as a window to what is happening right now, this just doesn’t show you a snap-shot of data like similar tools. This builds a pattern of what is happening around your trackers and keeps updating them every second, 24/7 therefore constantly building you an amazing resource of useable information and data.

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Social Studio with OTOs

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