1.Will SEO GroupBuy Work For Me?

SEO Group Buy provides SEO / PPC / E-commerce and Spy tools for startups, small business owners and freelancers. If you want to achieve a high rank in search engines, optimize your PPC campaigns, want product or competitor research SEO Group Buy service will definitely work for you.

2. What other options are there and how much do they cost?

Well the other options like if you only go for WooRank it will cost you somewhere between $60 to $250 the same way other famous tools will cost you anywhere between $99 to $999, most of the other options will put a recurring expense on your small business every month ranging anywhere between $99 to $999. And there is a huge drawback you cannot rely only on one tool, you have to purchase at least 4/5 tools for your PPC and SEO research.

3. Are there any limitations?

This service is only for small startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers, you can easily understand that the cost is dramatically low as compare to original subscription because we are sharing one account with many other users too, therefore, any kind of API, Bulk features and in some cases export features are disabled to provide fair usage to all customers as much as possible.

Ahrefs Limitations:

  • No Projects Can Be added.
  • Website Audits are not allowed.
  • 15 URL Searches Per Day available

Semrush Limitations:

  • Semrush 30 URL Searches Per Day.
  • Website Audits are not allowed
  • No Projects Can Be added In Semrush
  • PLA Search is not available

4. How This Service Works

We have the best tools sharing system, once you login into the member’s area you will see access code, just copy the code and paste it Access Area.

5. How Much Time It Will Take To Activate My Account?

Our system is fully automated, everything will start working as soon as you complete the payment process.

6. Do I Need to Install Software or Chrome Extension or RDP?

Sorry to disappoint you, we do not provide any Portable Firefox Browser, Auto Login Software or Google Chrome extension, all you need to do is login into the member’s area and start using our service, it’s that simple no 3rd party software or installation required.

6. Is Your Service Available For MAC?

Our service works perfectly fine on all major platforms including Microsoft Windows, Apple MAC, Google Chrome OS and almost all major flavours of Linux you can use our service via all popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Not just that you can use almost all major tools on your IOS or Android device too

7. Do You Offer Refunds?

Please read reviews about our service, do some research, watch demo videos and then make a purchase decision. We do not offer any refunds for any reasons, if you file dispute you will be banned for a lifetime to use our group buy service ever again.

8. Can I Share Your Service

Yes only if you want to get banned for a lifetime, otherwise never share credentials with any other users as we have one of the best monitoring systems, once we detect account sharing we will ban you for a lifetime.

9. What payment methods i can use to purchase account?

You can use Paypal, Digital currency like Bitcoin, Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, E-Wallet, Bhim UPI to purchase.

10. How is this so cheap? Are you scam?

Group buying, also known as collective buying, offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. We purchase the Premium accounts on your behalf with our group buy members and provide the account at a fraction of original price.
Regarding scam, we don’t have time to scam people, try once if you don’t find it helpful, you do not buy from us, we only charge a small amount to you for tools, and if you don’t find it helpful, you can buy from the main site itself.

11. My License code is not working or tools is not loading?

Use any browser incognito mode. Sometimes, its cookies issue which creates license issue or tools not loading or redirecting.

11. My License code is not working or tools is not loading?

Use any browser incognito mode. Sometimes, its cookies issue which creates license issue or tools not loading or redirecting.

12. For Best Login experiences, use Brave Browser.

Download Brave Browser software from here